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received the torah on Mt Sinai
maidservant of Rachel; mother of Dan and Naphtali
daughter of Leah and Jacob
built an ark
third son of Adam and Eve
original husband of Bathsheba; David arranged for him to die in battle
son of David; rapist of his own half sister, Tamar
father of Rachel and Leah
nephew of Abraham; fathers his own grandchildren
brother of Jacob
eldest child of Leah and Jacob
second wife of Abraham
read and explained the entire Torah to the people, causing a religious reawakening
cousin of Esther, adopts her and raises her as his own
second husband of Ruth
slaughtered a thousand Philistines using the jawbone of an ass
father of Shechem, killed by Simeon and Levi
first priest of Israel; brother of Moses and Miriam
twin of Zerah; child of Judah and Tamar
mother of Samuel

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