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Can you name the words or proper nouns beginning and ending with the same letter?

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memory troubles
word following dim, tulip, or light
everyone is one of these
C-3PO or R2-D2
comes in both solar and lunar flavors
Get It On (Bang A ____)
where Desmond Hume lived for three years
menacing secret society who runs the world, according to crazy people
1987 album by INXS, or something you do to a habit
like slander, except for the printed word or broadcast media
ClueAnswerDelightful Commentary
what to sit on if you're a hookah-smoking caterpillar
more commonly known as ''twelve hours 'til midnight''
at birth, John Lennon's middle name was Winston; later he changed it to this
Jarvis Cocker's band, or a type of Fiction
Batman villain and question mark enthusiast
Elvis Presley liked them in blue suede
I'm a little ______
President Wilson
company name that's become synonymous with photocopying

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