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Touchdowns(#)QuarterbackPrimary Team
508Green Bay Packers
420Miami Dolphins
399*Indianapolis Colts
342Minnesota Vikings
300Denver Broncos
291Houston Oilers
290Baltimore Colts
275New York Jets
273San Francisco 49ers
261*New England Patriots
261Seattle Seahawks
255Washington Redskins
254San Diego Chargers
251New England Patriots
247Cincinnati Bengals
244San Diego Chargers
242New York Giants
239Kansas City Chiefs
237Buffalo Bills
236Oakland Raiders/Chicago Bears
235*New Orleans Saints
232San Francisco 49ers
230*Philadelphia Eagles
214San Francisco 49ers
212Pittsburgh Steelers
209St. Louis Cardinals
208St. Louis Rams
207Philadelphia Eagles
206*New York Giants
203Los Angeles Rams
201Los Angeles Rams
199New York Giants
197Cincinnati Bengals
196Tampa Bay Buccaneers
196Buffalo Bills
196Detroit Lions
196Philadelphia Eagles
194Oakland Raiders
192Miami Dolphins
Touchdowns(#)QuarterbackPrimary Team
187Washington Redskins
184*Jacksonville Jaguars
183Dallas Cowboys
182New England Patriots
180Oakland Raiders
179Philadelphia Eagles
178Boston Patriots
176*Seattle Seahawks
174Tennessee Titans
174Cleveland Browns
173New York Giants
173New York Jets
173Los Angeles Rams
170Atlanta Falcons
170St. Louis Cardinals
168*Cincinnati Bengals
166Minnesota Vikings
165Dallas Cowboys
164Oakland Raiders
164Oakland Raiders
162Kansas City Chiefs
161San Francisco 49ers
161Detroit Lions
161Arizona Cardinals
160Washington Redskins
159Minnesota Vikings
156Atlanta Falcons
156*New York Giants
155Dallas Cowboys
154Indianapolis Colts
154*Cincinnati Bengals
154Cleveland Browns
153Dallas Cowboys
152Washington Redskins
152Green Bay Packers
149Minnesota Vikings
149Cleveland Browns
148Green Bay Packers
147Carolina Panthers
Touchdowns(#)QuarterbackPrimary Team
144*Pittsburgh Steelers
141Green Bay Packers
137Chicago Bears
136St. Louis Cardinals
136*San Diego Chargers
135New Orleans Saints
135Dallas Cowboys
134Cincinnati Bengals
129Chicago Bears
128New York Jets
125*Carolina Panthers
125New Orleans Saints
124Baltimore Colts
124Cleveland Browns
124New York Jets
124Los Angeles Rams
123Atlanta Falcons
123New Orleans Saints
122St. Louis Rams
122Detroit Lions
120Pittsburgh Steelers
119Denver Broncos
118*Dallas Cowboys
115San Francisco 49ers
115Washington Redskins
114Los Angeles Raiders
114Buffalo Bills
114Minnesota Vikings
113Tampa Bay Buccaneers
111Seattle Seahawks
105Kansas City Chiefs
104*Chicago Bears
104Washington Redskins
103Houston Oilers
102Chicago Bears
102*New York Jets
100Chicago Bears
100Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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