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hintanswerextra info
Zabimaru6th Division Lieutenant
Houzukimaru11th Division 3rd Seat
Katen Kyokotsu 8th Division Captain
Unknown11th Division Captain
Gonryomaru1st Division Lieutenant
Senbonzakura6th Division Captain
Ryujin Jakka1st Division Captain
Ruri'iro Kujaku11th Division 5th Seat
Sode no Shirayuki13th Division Unknown Seat
Jakuho Raikoben2nd Division Captain
hintanswerextra info
Gegetsuburi2nd Division Lieutenant
ShinsoFormer 3rd Division Captain
Kyoka SuigetsuFormer 5th Division Captain/Lieutenant
SuzumishiFormer 9th Division Captain
Wabisuke3rd Division Lieutenant
Kazeshini9th Division Lieutenant
Tobiume5th Division Lieutenant
Haineko10th Division Lieutenant
Hyourinmaru10th Division Captain
ZangetsuSubstitute Shinigami

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