Periodic Elements' Name Origins

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Foreign in Greek
Latin name for the Rhine
Gold-like in Arabic
Asteroid Ceres
Yellow-bright in Anglo Saxon
U.S. state
Inactive or lazy in Greek
Norse god of Thunder
In honor of Alfred Nobel
I beget water in Latin
Prong or point in German
Greek god Uranus
Greek god Helios
Latin name for Russia
Latin name for France
Latin name for Paris
Indigo dye
I bring forth acid in Greek
Copper-colored ore in Swedish
Country where you'll find the Curie Institute
Rose in Greek
In honor of Ernest Lawrence
Greek mythological character Tanatlus
In honor of Dmitri Mendeleyev
Named after Poland
California University
Charcoal in French
In honor of Wilhelm Roentgen
In honor of Neils Bohr
Greek gods the Titans
Roman god Cadmus
Opposed to solitude in Greek
In honor of Ernest Rutherford
In honor of Enrico Fermi
A continent
Greek moon goddess Selene
Purple gas
Little silver in Spanish
Bitter salt in Latin
European country
In honor of Marie Curie
Norse goddess Vanadis
Swedish village Ytterby
Roman messenger god
Latin name for Copenhagen
Evil spirit in German
Roman god of the oceans
Scottish town Strontian
Stench in French
Asteroid Pallas
Potent in Greek
German town in Wixhausen
Latin name for Stockholm
In honor of Johan Gadolin
Yellow-green in Greek
Heavy stone in Swedish
In honor of Glen Seaborg
Latin name for Scandinavia
Greek god Prometheus
Lime in Latin
New in Greek
Daughter of Tantalus in mythology
Strong metal in Anglo Saxon
In honor of Lies Meitner
Roman god of the dead
White mass in German
In honor of Albert Einstein
In honor of Copernicus
Two of the seven continents

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