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No guys, ain't no pie eating contest.
I don't sweat you!
Right! Hit the one in the middle.
You want me to take a shot. All right. I'll take a shot.
But now wait a minute, if you wanna blow this thing, if you wanna blow it, then damnit I'm gonna blow it with ya.
As long as they've got Balboa on the brain he'll always be champ.
You thought I was tough? This chump will kill you!
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!
Where was that from? The 80's?
Well you're never too old to learn something new.
Whatever he hits, he destroys!
Open a dictionary, Rock!
What did you say, Paper Champion?
The ultimate male, versus...the ultimate meatball.
He's nothing.....soft.
To the end.
Of course, they're sportsmen, not soldiers.
The last thing to age on somebody is their heart.
Did ya get the license plate number? (Rocky replies, 'Of what?') The truck that run over your face.
Rocky Balboa?... Never heard of him.

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