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DefinitionLandform Vocabulary Word
a hill or ridge made of sand and shaped by wind
a narrow pointed piece of land that juts out from a coastline into a body of water
a large hole or hollow in the ground or side of a mountain
a cold, treeless area, considered the coldest biome
a raised area or mound of land smaller than a mountain
a mountainous vent of the earth's crust where lava, steam, or gases may erupt in intervals
a very dry barren area with little to no rainfall, mostly sand covered
a small island or peninsula
an isolated land or hill usually in a dry area with a flat top and steeply sloping sides
a very tall high natural place on earth that rises above the durrounding levels of land
DefinitionLandform Vocabulary Word
an imaginary circle around the eath half way between the poles that divides north and south hemisphere
a high isolated flat top rock or hill with steep sides formed by the impact of tectonic plates
silt, sand, and rock which is low watery land formed at the mouth of a river and often shaped like a triangle
a ring or partial ring of coral that forms an island in a sea or ocean
a cliff
the highest point of rock, ice, or land
a chain or group of islands in a sea or ocean
a body of land surrounded by water on three sides
a small area of land surrounded on all sides by water
a steep face of rock and soil
DefinitionLandform Vocabulary Word
deep valley carved by a river with very steep sides includes a deep gorge with a running sream or river
wide, flat area of land with grassess and few trees
a large mass of land, of which there are seven, that covers a specific area of the Earth's surface
the highest point of a mountain
a cave especially large and dark
a damp area of land often with wet soil that is low in oxygen
a mountain pass; a depression in the summit line of a chain of mountains
a small island usually isolated
a low place between mountains
a narrow strip of land connecting two larger pieces with water on two sides

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