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Question and NumberActual is Over or UnderActual Number
Route off of which you can find Radiator Springs: 41
Mike's eyeballs: 4
Stars held by Gusteau's prior to Ego's first review: 4
Members of the Parr family: 7
Code keeping Monstropolis human-free: 742
Degrees which Jack-Jack's suit can withstand: 500
Avg. score of a Pixar film on Rotten Tomatoes: 95
Squeeze toy aliens adopted by the Potato Heads: 5
Humanity's years aboard the Axiom: 120
Characters voiced by John Ratzenberger: 16
Lightning McQueen's number: 22
Piston cups won by The Fabulous Hudson Hornet: 6
Question and NumberActual is Over or UnderActual Number
Seconds to complete PT Flea's 'Flaming Death': 25
Marlin and Coral's eggs: 100
Total gross of all Pixar movies: 3 Billion
Balloons required to lift Carl's house: 19,117,141
Toys with 'Andy' inscribed on them: 5
Toy Story film with the Totoro cameo appearance: 2
Stripes on Marlin: 2
Films in 3D: 2
Woody Pull-string sayings: 14
Gamma quadrant sector where Buzz is stationed: 9
Bugs in PT's circus troupe: 7
Roz's rank in the CPA: 37

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