NHLers with African descent

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Can you name the NHLers with African descent who have played a minimum of 100 games in the NHL as of 2/23/11?

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Years ActiveNamePosition and Team(s)
1996-presentD Predators, Canadiens
1996-2007RW Canes, Jackets, Canucks, Kings, Oilers, Rangers, Bruins, Caps
2007-presentRW Blues, Avalanche
1997-presentD Devils, Blues
2002-presentG Ducks, Senators, Flyers
1999-presentD Thrashers, Devils
1974-1980W Capitals, Jets
1996-presentRW Sabres, Oilers, Capitals, Sharks
1986-1994G Oilers, Jets, Panthers
1992-present(?)LW Rangers, Caps, Flyers, Canucks, Canadiens
2008-presentRW Kings
1996-2010RW Oilers, Coyotes, Penguins, Canadiens
1978-1991LW Sabres, Nordiques, North Stars, Rangers, Blues, Red Wings, Blackhawks
1981-2000G Oilers, Maple Leafs, Sabres, Kings, Blues, Flames
1992-2004RW Flames, Lightning, Flyers, Canes, Rangers, Bruins
1995-2009G Panthers, Canucks, Islanders, Lightning, Canes, Rangers, Devils
2004-presentLW Thrashers, Rangers, Coyotes, Flames
Years ActiveNamePosition and Team(s)
1996-presentRW Flames
1974-1981LW Kings, Capitals
1997-2006LW Panthers, Avalanche
2005-presentRW Thrashers, Panthers
1996-presentRW Sharks, Blues, Maple Leafs, Flames
2005-presentRW Predators, Wild
2007-presentRW Islanders
1993-2004G Oilers, Flames, Blues, Blue Jackets
1996-2006D Oilers, Bruins, Devils, Canucks
1997-2004D Sabres, Blue Jackets, Thrashers, Capitals
2003-presentD Stars
1995-2004D Jets, Coyotes, Rangers, Capitals
1983-1995RW North Stars, Blackhawks
2005-presentRW/D Thrashers, Blackhawks
1957-1979 (only played 45 games)RW Bruins
2009-presentC/LW Thrashers

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