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Can you name the Parts of an animal and plant cell?

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Made of a double layer of phospholipids, acts as a protective barrier for the cell and controls what enters and exits the cell
The 'juice' inside of the cell which contains the organelles
The 'brain' of the cell, holds chromatin
Protects the nucleus, double layer of protection
Provides energy for the cell, membrane-bound organelles and have a double membrane
Stacks of membrane-covered organelles that package and move proteins
Large organelles that contain enzymes and break down food molecules
Store water, food and waste products for the cell. One large is found in plant or bacterial cells but many small are found in animal cells
A eukaryotic organelle that forms a network of tubules within cells
The site of protein synthesis. Made of a large subunit and a small subunit.
Found only in plant and bacterial cells, provides extra protection for the cell
An organelle that is found only in plant cells, conducts photosynthesis and makes light energy

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