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Famous For:Beard(s)Clue
AuthorA Christmas Carol
ArtistCut an ear off.
Actorthe A-Team
Musical TalentBand that sang these songs: Gimme All Your Lovin', La Grange, Viva Las Vegas
PirateEdward Teach
ActorJames Bond
AstronomerMade improvements to the telescope and discovered the laws of falling bodies and motions of projectiles.
Religious figureChristianity
MysticRussia's favourite love machine
RevolutionistGuerrilla leader who led the Cuban Revolution.
Martial Artist/ActorWrestles bears. Also played a main role in action film, 'Way of the Dragon'.
BiologistCarried out investigations on the Galapagos islands, which are believed to be proof of evolution.
PsychologyRenowned for the redefinition of sexual desire as the primary motivational energy of human life.
Famous For:Beard(s)Clue
Fictional CharacterHead teacher of Hogwarts
Musical TalentNirvana and the Foo Fighters.
Philosopher/Religious Figure'A flower goes through much dirt before it blooms.'
Fast FoodFinger lickin' good!
Musical TalentNew Earth Mud (solo), lead singer of the Black Crowes.
Fictional CharacterThe Simpons crazy scot.
GenerosityRides a sleigh with jingly bells.
Musical TalentLead singer of Genesis
Religous FigureGreek mythology
Politician16th American president
Philosopher/RevolutionistCredited as the founder of modern communism
ActorComedic British actor who portrayed Prince Vultan in the film, 'Flash Gordan'
PsychologyThe UK's answer to David Blaine.

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