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Characters playedActor or actressSeries
Officer Beadie Russell, AdeleThe Wire, In Treatment
Rita Sue Dreifuss, ClaudiaCarnivale, Deadwood
Aimee, PearlThe Leftovers, Boardwalk Empire
Martin Querns, Norman WilsonOz, The Wire
Charlie Utter, Steady Freddie LopezDeadwood, John From Cincinnati
Preston 'Bodie' Broadus, Kenny WanglerThe Wire, Oz
Andy Millman, HimselfExtras, Life's Too Short
Ziggy Sobotka, NickThe Wire, Treme
Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk, Dom, Ralph GalinoThe Wire, Entourage, Oz
Petyr 'Littlefinger' Baelish, Thomas J. CarcettiGame of Thrones, The Wire
Det. Ellis Carver, Officer Clayton HughesThe Wire, Oz
Clarence Royce, Alex Prince Sr.The Wire, In Treatment
Carmela Soprano, Officer Diane WhittleseyThe Sopranos, Oz
Janette Desautel, Joanie StubbsTreme, Deadwood
Det. Lester Freamon, Big Chief Albert LambreauxThe Wire, Treme
Darren Lamb, HimselfExtras, Life's Too Short
Chris Keller, Roman Zimojic, Ray WhelansOz, True Blood, Veep
Sol Star, Dustin PowersDeadwood, Eastbound and Down
Mike McClintock, Matt SalineVeep, Hung
Francis Wolcott, Jack McCall, Dr. Michael SmithDeadwood, Deadwood, John From Cincinnati
Sonny, Daario NaharisTreme, Game of Thrones
Ari Gold, Jerry CapenEntourage, The Larry Sanders Show
Maj. Bill Rawls, Col. Edward GalsonThe Wire, Oz
Det. Bunk Moreland, Antoine BatisteThe Wire, Treme
Tom Chadwick, Thomas-JohnFamily Tree, Girls
Vietnam Joe, Whitney EllsworthJohn From Cincinnati, Deadwood
Characters playedActor or actressSeries
J.J. Percy Walker, Governor James DevlinBig Love, Oz
Donald 'Jared' Dunn, Ed WebsterSilicon Valley, Veep
Ben Cafferty, MarcusVeep, Luck
Junior Soprano, Leander WhitlockThe Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire
Frank Sobotka, Det. Andy BellefleurThe Wire, True Blood
Eli Thompson, Joel TheriotBoardwalk Empire, True Detective
Marcus Junius Brutus, Edmure TullyRome, Game of Thrones
Gaius Julius Caesar, Mance RayderRome, Game of Thrones
Roland 'Prez' Pryzbylewski, James WoodrowThe Wire, Treme
John Monad, Morgan EarpJohn From Cincinnati, Deadwood
Carolyn, Julia, Donna BarnesTell Me You Love Me, In Treatment, The Mind of the Married Man
Clay Davis, George MaddoxThe Wire, Veep
Clayton Jones, DavidCarnivale, Tell Me You Love Me
Niobe, Ellaria SandRome, Game of Thrones
George Christopher, HimselfBored to Death, Curb Your Enthusiasm
Kevin Garvey Jr., JoeThe Leftovers, Six Feet Under
Nelson Hidalgo, Dino OrtolaniTreme, Oz
Sheriff Bud Dearborne, E.B. FarnumTrue Blood, Deadwood
Chalky White, Omar LittleBoardwalk Empire, The Wire
Tony Blundetto, Nucky ThompsonThe Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire
Raoul 'El Cid' Hernandez, Ramon Gaviota, Rene CalderonOz, John From Cincinnati, How to Make It in America
Lt. Cedric Daniels, Officer Johnny BasilThe Wire, Oz
Zeke Callahan, Nick SobotkaThe Brink, The Wire
Maggie Jordan, AprilThe Newsroom, In Treatment
Trixie, JerriDeadwood, John From Cincinnati

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