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Can you name the people and things from the new series of Doctor Who?

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AThe first aliens to appear in the revived series
BThe Doctor's favorite fruit
CNinth Doctor
DTenth Doctor
EThey were inside senior citizens in 'Amy's Choice
FIt's cool
GWhat the flesh turns into
HThe Doctor loves wearing them
IThe Astronaut is this
JBo sko fo dro!
KSetting of 'The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit'
LThe Vashta Nerada live here
MEleventh Doctor
NDonna's last name
OThe TARDIS landed here in 'The Impossible Astronaut.'
P'Florence Finnegan' was one
QFounder of Torchwood
RArchaeologist/time traveler/professor
SIt's not breaking and entering when you use this.
TIt's blue.
UThe ______ and the Wasp (2008 episode)
VUnreliable method of time travel
WBad ____
XWhat the Doctor blasts himself with in 'Smith and Jones'
YThe Doctor's companion in 'Attack of the Graske'
ZPrisoner ____

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