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UNIT was set up after which creatures invaded the London Underground?
Which creature can edit itself out of your memory?
Which planet has the Doctor visited the most times?
Who created the Daleks?
Who was Rose Tyler's boyfriend who eventually married Martha Jones?
Which alien species closely resembles rhinos?
What is the Doctor's favourite allias?
Name the 'little silver rat things' used by the Cybermen.
Who played Dr. Who in the 1960s film adaptions of Dalek stories?
Which foes of the Doctor adjusted the blueprints of the Empire State Building?
What is the name of the shape-shifting aliens which the Doctor encountered in Scotland?
Who was the first Time Lord the Doctor encountered after leaving his home planet?
The Cybermen came from the Earth's twin planet, named...?
Which Doctor was fond of his recorder?
Which Doctor actor was a contestant on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here
In which US state did the Doctor and Rose find a Dalek being tortured?
Rose Tyler first travelled with which Doctor?
What does TARDIS stand for?
Which companion was known for her leather bikini?
Where do most of the Doctor's regenerations take place?
Name the Sea Devils' prehistoric cousins.
In which city did the Doctor find several Mona Lisas?
What is Victoria's surname?
How many companions travelled with the seventh Doctor?
Who was the Doctor's first assistant when he worked for UNIT?
Which Doctor was the first to face the Rani?
Which Doctor wore celery on his coat?
Name the human professor, searching for Utopia, that turned out to be the Master in disguise.
Which race fought the Daleks in the Last Great Time War?
Which Queen did the Doctor once marry?
The Doctor's screwdriver is...?
Which circuit is responsible for the TARDIS's police box appearance?
Which Doctor was exiled to Earth by his own race?
Who was the first actor to play the Master?
Sylvester McCoy was Doctor number...?
If you encounter a Weeping Angel, what shouldn't you do?
What is the famous catchphrase of the Daleks?
What precious cargo did Solomon find on a spaceship arc?
Where is the Doctor's grave located?
What is the name of Sarah Jane's super computer in her attic?
Which creatures were made of living plastic?
What is the first question in the Universe?
Who played the Doctor for the longest amount of time?
Who was the Time Lady who helped the Doctor search for the Key to Time?
Which companion stowed away aboard the TARDIS on the planet Mechanus?
Ace turned out to be a wolf of who?
What were the names of the teachers the Doctor kidnapped?
Who played Rory Williams?
Victims of which disease are treated at the Two Streams Facility?
Which Doctor thought fezes were cool?
Harry Sullivan worked for which organisation?
Which games console does the Doctor play while staying with the Ponds?
Who said 'Run You Clever Boy and Remember'?
The tenth Doctor re-encountered Sarah Jane Smith while working as what?
Who turned out to be the Face of Boe?
Which statue was put into Earth's orbit by the Doctor in 1638?
Who is Madame Vastra's maid/life partner?
Who will play a previously unknown incarnation of the Doctor in the 50th Anniversary special?
Which organisation was set up by Queen Victoria in 1879?
The Zarbi closely resemble which Earth insect?
Which Martian race is vulnerable to heat?
Which companion shares a name with an extinct bird species?
Which companion was very fond of Nitro-9?
Which companion died wanting to know if he was right?
Which actor played the only incarnation of the Doctor with brown eyes?
The sign on the TARDIS reads Police Public what?
Who lived on Aickman Road?
What is the twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorious?
What was the Fourth Doctor's most iconic item of clothing?
Who played the first Doctor?
Who was born to kill the Doctor?
Which doctor accidentally killed the Doctor in 1990s America?
The Sense Sphere is the home of which race?
Which family crashed a pig in a spaceship into Big Ben?
Dalek Sec was a member of what group?
Which companion met Sarah Jane Smith at the Doctor's funeral?
What was the name of the Doctor's granddaughter?
Which companion underwent a biometacrisis?
The Doctor and the Master are from which planet?
Which enemies were once allergic to gold?
Who created the Cybermen in the Parallel Universe?
Who was the Doctor's faithful robot dog?
How many actors have played the Doctor?
Which actor played the Doctor on only one occasion in 1996?
Who played the Third Doctor?
Which companion came from Australia?
How many Doctors have faced the Daleks on screen?
The Third Doctor faced the Sea Devils, which other Doctor did?
What was the name of the Doctor's old, yellow car?
Which companion wore a kilt?
What is Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's daughter's name?
Amy Pond gave birth on which asteroid?
Which companions witnessed the Doctor's first regeneration?
Which companion was a botany student?
Which entity associated itself with Dr Simeon and Miss Kizlet?
Name the Sontaran nurse who's friends with the Doctor
Who will play the twelfth Doctor?
Who did the fourth Doctor call an imbecile?
Who are 'psychotic potato dwarfs'?
Name a member of the group LINDA

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