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Can you name the Wetlands, Boreal Forest, Tropical Dry Forest, Savanna, and Woodland and Shrubs, |Tropical Rain Fores?

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rich soils due to erosion
With no vegetation, the savanna turns into a ________.
hot and very dry summers
covered by a layer of water
dense covering made by trees is a canopy
has an understory which is a second layer of shorter trees and vines
primarily in alaska
western coast of north and south america
evergreen forests, coniferous trees
rich mix of grasses
are located in africa and australia
mostly in Africa and Asia
tall deciduous trees; seasonally hot
rainfall is highly seasonal
moderate flooding
strong winds, low precipitation
the worlds most fertile soil
precipitation of less that 25 centimeters per year
majority of these in northern latitudes of Asia and North America
home to more species than all other biomes combined
among the most productive ecosystems next to coral reefs
_____ contains fire resistant trees and shrubs
long cold winters
predators includes: coyotes, mountain lions, foxes, bobcats
characterized by permafrost

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