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'what is it girl? ellen fell in the well??'
micky mouse's pooch
a blue dog with a southern drawl who's name comes from a Mark Twain novel
the runt of the Doo family
talking alcoholic who's in love with Lois
Doug Funnie's companion
a silver mutt who loves spaghetti, cocker spaniels, and despises dog catchers
'have no fear, ____ is here!!'
found in the comic section of the newspaper. this great dane thinks he's human
a spaghetti lovin cocker spaniel who's in love with a mutt
futuristic family dog. Also, he can talk!
best friends with the fox, Tod, and would rather play than learn to hunt with Chief
physically connected to a cat (how do they poop)
saved alaskan children from dying of diptheria
a genius who teaches his boy Sherman about everything on Rocky & Bullwinkle
drooling st bernard who cannot play piano
a huge red dog
leader of the pack in Homeward Bound.
constantly poops on Fred Flintstone's floor
'The golden reciever'; plays basketball, football, and volleyball in his movies
Solves mysteries with Shag in a van
a kansan who's stangely unafraid of a talking lion, robot, and scarecrow
sleeps on TOP of his doghouse

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