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Can you name the Musicals that contain these characters?

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Meg, Andre, Piangi
Sarabi, Bonzai, Ed
Bud Frump, Mr. Trimble, Miss Jones
Fred, Liz, Amos
Bloody Mary, Luther, Liat
Emma Goldman, Mother, Tateh
Ella, Mrs. Mister, Editor Daily
Mr. Bumble, Mr. Sowerburry, Artful Dodger
Texas, Bobbie, Victor
Charlie Cowell, Eulalile, Marcellus
Celeste #1, Celeste #2, Jules
Henry, Bellamy, the Wall
Guiseppe, Roy, Franca
Louis, The Kralahome, Tuptim
Boq, Chistery, Nessarose
Horse, Jeanette, Vicki
Collins, Benny, Joanne
Nachum, Mendel, Fyedka
Magaldi, Juan Peron, Peron's Mistress
Peter, John, James
Rapunzel, Rapunzel's Prince, Jack
Allana,Triton, Jetsam
Svetlana, Malokov, Viigand
Zoser, Mereb, Amonasro
Pan, Bud, Ruthie
Harry the Horse, Brannigan, Nicely-Nicely Johnson
Trekkie Monster, Gary Coleman, Christmas Eve
Phineas Fogg, the Birdseller, Tobias
John, Emma, Lucy
Archie, Brett, Charlotte
Enjolras, Feully, Thenardier
Lefou, Chip, Babette
Pickering, Freddy, Alfred Doolittle
Vlad Vladikoff, The Sour Kangaroo, Gertrude
The Engineer, John, Thuy
Dennis, Sir Robin, Sir Bedivere
Lewis, Charles, Catherine
Dan, Jacob, Potiphar
Maggie, Anytime Annie, Abner Dillon
Olive, Chip, Mitch
The Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh, The Old Lady, Don Fernando d’Ibaraa y Figueora y Mascarenes y Lampourdos y Souza
Senator Fipp, Mrs. Millenium, Mr. McQueen
Erronius, Senex, Lycus
Riff, Anybodys, Chino
Carmen, Franz, Ulla
Bernstein, Orin, Skip Snip

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