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Woke up cold one Tuesday I'm looking tired and feeling quite sick
Here in my (title) I feel safest of all
On the corner of Main St, just trying to keep it in line
Top down in the summer sun the day we met was like a hit and run
On a dark desert highway / cool wind in my hair
Never really said too much afraid it wouldn't be enough
(title) you hold me tight / tell me I'm the only one trying to come over tonight
I know theres pain why do you lock yourself up in these chains?
I am an arms dealer fitting you weapons in the form of words
Shes a good girl loves her mama
Debbie just hit the wall, she never had it all
Oh where oh where can my baby be? The Lord took her away from me
What would you do to get to me, what would you say to have your way?
I need a sign to let me know your here
I feel like I've been locked up tight for a century of lonely nights
Well I guess would be nice if I could touch your body
Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick and think of you
(title) on rock and roll
(title) stay away from me / (title) mama let me be
I'll take you home if you don't leave me at the front door
Coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine
Girl your my (title) your my darling (title)
Well you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man no time to talk
Crack That Whip
Jessie is a friend, yeah I know hes been a good friend of mine

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