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When a major car company lowers its prices, other car makers will probably ________ their prices.
this forbade rebates and discounts to large buyers unless available to all buyers
unintended side effect that either benefits or harms a third party not involved in the activitiy
Public goods are usually provided by the ________, not the market.
this outlawed price discrimination
Externalities, resource immobility, inadequate information, and inadequate competition are examples of ______.
belief that government should not interfere with commerce or trade
requirement that businesses reveal information to the public
the government is involved in the economy to prevent _________________ because they can hinder trade and competition.
the government is involved in the economy to ________ industries in which a monopoly is in the public interest
When the government taxing firms for polluting, they are trying to regulate __________.
this market structure has extensive influence over price
a monopoly that is based on ownership or control of a manufacturing method, process, or scientific advance
what would changing the color or size of packaging a product represent?
exclusive right to manufacture, use, or sell any new and useful machine
the government is involved in the economy to promote and encourage ________
in this market structure, there is only one firm in the market
receiving a drain on your lawn from a neighbor's sprinkler system is an example of a _________.
Theoretical situation in which well-informed, independent buyers and sellers exchange identical products
in this market structure, firms have no influence over price, there are many firms, and it is easy to enter the market
this market structure has the most competition
practice of charging customers different prices for the same product
this market structure is difficult, but not impossible to enter
mergers and acquisitions might result in inadequate _____________.
unwanted harm, cost, or inconvenience suffered by a third party because of the actions of others
exclusive right of authors and artists to publish, sell, or reproduce their work
market structure that lacks one or more of the conditions of perfect competition
Under ____________ no seller sells a product above the prevailing market price
market structure that is the least competitive
market situation in which costs are minimized because a single firm produces the product
agreeing to charge the same or similar prices
this outlawed restraints and monopolies that hindered trade
products that are collectively consumed by everyone
When the government passes an ant-trust law, they are trying to promote ______.
situation in which average cost of production falls as the firm gets larger
real or imagined differences between competing products
legally formed combination of corporations or companies
this market structure is the 2nd most competitive
market structure in which a few very large sellers dominate the industry
formal agreement to set prices or to behave in a cooperative manner

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