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Movie Initials (Year)Movie TitleKey Characters
TMM (1979)Kermit, Scooter
TZ:TM (1983)Passenger, Helen, Mr. Weinstein
TCBM (1985)Mr. Cherrywood, Love-a-Lot-Bear
D:TM-TOTLL (1990)Scrooge, Merlock
TFTD:TM (1990)Betty, Timmy, Andy
J:TM (1990)George, Jane, Elroy
TBBM (1995)Carol, Mike, Alice
MMPR:TM (1995)Kimberly, Tommy, Zordon
AGM (1995)Max, Roxanne, Goofy
TRM (1998)Tommy, Chuckie
D1M (1999)Doug, Skeeter
TTM (2000)Roo, Rabbit, Eeyore
P:TM2 (2000)Ash, Misty, Meowth
SM (2000)Cindy, Bobby, Shorty
RIP:TM (2000)Tommy, Chuckie
SM2 (2001)Cindy, Brenda, Ray
NATM (2001)Jake, Janey, Austin
P3:TM (2001)Ash, Brock, Pikachu
Movie Initials (Year)Movie TitleKey Characters
TWTM (2002)Eliza, Nigel, Cordelia
J:AVM (2002)Bob, Larry, Jonah
HA!TM (2002)Arnold, Gerald
TLMM (2003)Lizzie, Gordo
SM3 (2003)Cindy, Tom, Brenda
PBM (2003)Winnie, Owl, Kanga
TSSM (2004)Patrick, Sandy, Squidward
PHM (2005)Mama, Lumpy, Tigger
DM (2006)Julia, Grant, Bernie
SM4 (2006)Cindy, Brenda
TSM (2007)Homer, Marge, Bart
BM (2007)Barry, Vanessa
EM (2007)Lucy, Edward, Peter
SM (2008)Uncle Albert, Rick, Jill
DM (2008)Will, Lisa, Beautiful Assassin
TPWDDA:AVM (2008)Elliot, Sedgewick, George
HM:TM (2009)Robby, Lilly, Hannah

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