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Meredith sleeps with a vendor and gets discount coupons from where in exchange?
According to Michael, what is the special filing cabinet for memos from corporate?
What song is played at the end of the Office Olympics?
What injury does Dwight suffer after his minor car crash in the parking lot?
The office of the Michael Scott Paper Company is located directly underneath what room of Dunder Mifflin?
What does Dwight put on the 'Do Not Mock' list?
Whose child does Pam become friends with on Take Your Daughter to Work Day?
Where does Michael take his coworkers for his birthday when Kevin hears news about his cancer test?
According to Jim, where do he and Pam have their first 'date'?
What newspaper carries the article about Dunder Mifflin filing for bankruptcy?
What piece of hardware equipment does Michael take with him on his lecture circuit?
What is the name of David Wallace's invention?
What does Michael mix with his scotch?
Where does Dwight take Ryan before his first sales call?
Michael thinks he buys marijuana to frame Toby, but instead he buys what?
What is Michael's original Dundie award for Pam before Jim asks him to reconsider?
Michael burns his foot on his what?
What are the gifts from corporate in the Moroccan Christmas party?
What pro football player does Michael invite to the party in his hotel room in Philadelphia?
What bone does Meredith fracture when Michael hits her with his car?
What is Erin's real first name?
According to Michael, 'A good boss....does the disgruntled?'
Who 'has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer?'
On which holiday does Michael visit Jan at corporate?
What does Dwight use to test the trampoline before Michael jumps?
Where does Michael hold his male bonding seminar while Jan holds 'Women in the Workplace'?
Which celebrity is Michael convinced has moved into his condo complex?
Where do Michael and Dwight go to search for the lost client leads?
Which weapon does Jim admit that he has been using while playing Call of Duty?
During the Office Olympics, the gold, silver and bronze 'medals' are actually made from what?
What game does Oscar play with Matt at Sid and Dexter's?
What game do Jim and Pam play with Michael at Sid and Dexter's?
What disease is it discovered that Meredith has while she is in the hospital?
Where does Ryan work before he is hired to the Michael Scott Paper Company?
What is the only thing Michael tells Pam to bring with her to the Job Fair?
Who does Michael first leak the information to about Jim having a crush on Pam?
Who tells Erin that Andy and Angela had previously dated?
Dwight is convinved that Ryan's friend Troy in New York resembles what?
While Dwight is waiting for Andy to arrive to the Duel, what does he find on the shrubs in front of the building?
When Jan's baby is born, Dwight tells Michael to mark it with what?
What does Darryl discover that Michael is accidentally wearing?
What food does Michael make the first morning of the Michael Scott Paper Company?
Who wants to buy from Ryan?
Who suspects Darryl of lying about his worker's comp claim?
What is Michael Scarn's tagline after killing someone in 'Threat Level Midnight?'
Who does Michael invite to live with him in his new condo?
What does Creed sell Kelly in order to lose weight?
What does Creed offer at the Crime Aid Auction?
What does Michael's acronym SWAG stand for?
Where does Michael go with Jan to meet the client from Lacakawanna County Schools?

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