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What did some 30 Rock employees do to get Liz her sandwich back?
What type of coma did Don Geiss slip into?
Who does Kathy Geiss have an obsession with?
Where did Liz meet Wesley Snipes?
What U.S. state is J.D. Lutz from originally?
What city does Floyd, Liz's ex-boyfriend, move to?
What does TGS stand for?
Who abducts Avery and later forces her to marry his son?
What type of car did Colleen Donaghy get hit by Jack with?
Who was Liz's mother's high school sweetheart?
What job does Carol Burnett (Matt Damon) have?
What is the name of Jack Donaghy arch-nemisis?
What is a mix of laughing and peeing?
Where did Dr. Leo Spaceman go to medical school?
Who plays Jack Donaghy's mother's nurse?

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