Superheroes/Villains with Animals in their name

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Can you name the Superheroes/Villains with Animals in their name?

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Alter EgoSuperhero/Villain Name
Bruce Wayne
Selina Kyle
Dick Grayson
Peter Parker
Otto Gunther Octavius
Dr. Curt Conners
Drake Mallard
James Howlett
Oswald Cobblepott
Waylon Jones
Thomas Reese Blake
Garfield Lynns
Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Alter EgoSuperhero/Villain Name
Abner Jenkins
Dmitri Smerdyakov
John Jameson
Thomas Fireheart
Aleksei Sytsevich
Mac Gargan
Adrian Toomes
Kathy Kane
Barbara Gordon
Ben Turner
Ted Grant
Kitty Pryde

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