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Can you name the following mathematicians by some of their feats of wonder?

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Proved that 17-gon is constructable
Proved that pi is transcandental
Derived theorem relating e, pi, and i
Proved Fermat's Last Theorem
Developed present-day coordinate grid
Developed theorem relating the three sides of a right triangle
Developed paradoxes dealing with time
Proposed five basic axioms of Geometry
Developed formula for area of triangle given lengths of sides
Developed relations for symmetric sums of polynomials in terms of coefficients
Explored with concept of infinity
Introduced concept of gravity
Credited for developing Calculus
Produced one-sided band
Derived formula for area of lattice polygons
Provided main breakthrough for proof of Poincaré Conjecture
Proposed that every even integer can be written as the sum of two primes
Credited for developing topology
Shouted 'Eureka!' after solving the famous crown problem
Derived formula for area of cyclic quadrilateral
Discovered recursive sequence often associated with rabbits
Proved a 'little' theorem used extensively in number theory
Developed the Game of Life
Most known for creating ant simulation
Proposed problem concerning efficient packings
Developed the equals sign

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