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Can you name the countries where heads of state or heads of government hold each unique title?

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Name the only country where a head of state or head of government holds each title, some are internationally recognized as de facto leaders in the absence of a true, working position of head of state or head of government
TitleCountry (current leader)Head of...
Federal CouncilState & Government: collective leadership of 7 equals
Supreme LeaderState: constitution establishes post as the ranking political & religious leader
O le Ao o le MaloState: translates to 'The Chieftain of the Government'
President of the
Executive Yuan
Government: informally called 'Premier'
Grand DukeState: elevated from Duchy to Grand Duchy in 1815
Captains RegentState & Government: 2 are elected every 6 months
Yang di-Pertuan AgongState: monarch elected by Conference of Rulers; literally translates to 'He who is made Lord'
President of the
Council of State
State & Government: the constitution declares the president of the Council of State as ranking leader; title often shortened to 'President'
Minister of StateGovernment: appointed as monarch's representative
(3 member council)
State: joint, 3-person system ensures representation of major ethnic groups
Co-PrincesState: because of a 1278 treaty, neighboring political & religious leaders become co-princes
President of the GovernmentGovernment: reflects historic 'President of the Council of Ministers'; commonly called 'Prime Minister'
EmperorState: sometimes called 'Mikado'
First Chairman of the National Defence CommissionState & Government: ranking administrative post, widely recognized as de facto leader
PopeState: religious leader and head of state
TaoiseachGovernment: informally called 'Prime Minister'

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