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Can you name the countries with a presence in the Caribbean from these descriptions?

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DescriptionCountry Name
Eastern-most island country of the Caribbean
The only mainland country bordering the Caribbean with a monarch
This kingdom has 3 constituent countries entirely in the Caribbean
In 2009 the military acting on authority from the supreme court removed President Manuel Zelaya from power in this country
Despite covering hundreds of islands, almost 90% of this country's area is on the main island
Country featured in the Bond film 'Dr No' in 1962, the same year it gained full independence
The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States is based here
Denmark sold their Caribbean territory to this country during WWI
Victim of a catastrophic earthquake in 2010, one event in a series of human disasters in this country
This tourism-dependent 2-island country is known as the 'Land of 365 Beaches'
Founding member of both the UN and OPEC
The 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion attempted to overthrow this country's government
The West Indies Federation, an important step towards independence for British colonies, had its capital in this country
Government forces have long battled FARC rebels in this country
This is the only country between France's 2 Caribbean regions
This country has the most number of territories in the Caribbean
This country fought a civil war from 1960 to 1996
The smallest sovereign country in the Americas
The largest Spanish speaking country in the World
This country is famous for its canal
Known as 'Island of Spice' because of its nutmeg and mace exports
The Iran-Contra affair involved funding rebels in this country
Most populated mainland country without a military in the world
This country has 2 overseas regions in the Caribbean

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