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Does this country in the British Isles include the words 'Republic of' before its official name?
Are these 3 former Soviet republics in Europe? (name one)
Does the US share a land border with Cuba due to this naval base?
Does Spain share a land border with Morocco due to these two cities? (name one)
Should each of these 4 non-sovereign entities in the UK be included as countries of Europe? (name one)
Do these 2 countries border each other to form a quadripoint with Botswana & Zambia? (name one)
Is this former Yugoslav entity that declared independence in 2008 considered a country?
Should 'Congo' alone be sufficient for the name of either of these 2 African countries? (name one)
Do these pairs of US states border when they only meet at the Four Corners quadripoint? (name one pair)
Should the names of these countries be written as the English translations of their local names? (name one)
Is this island entity in Eastern Asia North of the Philippines considered a country?
Is Mount Carstensz on the island of New Guinea in this country, the highest in Oceania?
Is this 11-letter word a necessary part of the name of a certain Balkan country?
Does Singapore share a land border with this country due to causeways linking the two?
Is this acronym part of the name of the US capital city?
Is 'Holland' an acceptable alternate name for this country?
In 1990 did this country annex its Eastern area, or were both portions dissolved to form the modern nation?
Is this West African region part of Morocco?
Does this continent share its name with its largest country?
Is this mountain considered part of Europe & therefore the continent's highest peak instead of Mont Blanc?
Is this island nation Northeast of Venezuela part of South America?
Does Bahrain share a land border with this country due to a causeway linking the two?
Is this body of water the World's 5th major ocean in addition to the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, & PacificOceans?
Should this Pacific country be listed using its shorthand name or full name?
Is this Middle Eastern entity including the West Bank and Gaza considered a country?
Should the Spanish name for these South Atlantic islands be accepted?
Is Tel Aviv the capital of this country?
Is this large North American island an integral part of its country?
Is this Turkish city classified as a 'European Capital'?
Are these British military bases on the island of Cyprus part of the country of Cyprus? (name one)
Is this Mediterranean island country part of Europe or Asia?
Do the words 'Former Yugoslav Republic of' begin the official name of this country?
Is the population of this Southern Chinese urban area enough to make it the second most populated in the World?
Does the UK share a land border with Spain due to this dependency?
Is this Southern Caribbean island West of CuraƧao an independent country?
Is Sucre the capital of this country?
Does this small Pacific island country actually have a capital?
Does the word 'The' make this small West African country have a multi-word name?
Are these 2 seas - between N & S America and between Europe & Africa - part of the Atlantic? (name one)
Should Puerto Rico be included as part of this country?
Should this special administrative region of China, formerly a British colony, be considered its own country?
Are overseas regions integral to this country like metropolitan regions?
Is this 4-letter word part of the name of the largest American city?
Is 'Great Britain' an acceptable alternate name for this country?
Is the name of the smaller island a necessary part of the names of these 3 Caribbean countries? (name one)

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