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'Kuchana Kuchana'
'Magnification, magnification..'
'All personnel, clear the launch platform'
'There goes Suzanne Somers, pulled by a blender fish.'
'They're not gonna make it, they're not gonna make it.. You made it!!'
'You... think me 'beautiful'?'
'It's called 'A Salute to All Nations, but Mostly America.''
'You are no the first to pass this way... nor shall you be the last.'
'Ja, what a loser Captain we have.' 'Yeah, you're a pathetic girly-man.'
'Oh shut up Scruffy, you're not burned, you've just got a healthy glow.'
'This is Mr. Johnson in Sky View Hovercraft-1.'
'There are limits beyond which man and his puny efforts cannot survive.'
'Clear for Track Course A.'
'The Universe we know is one of dynamic forces -- its heartbeat sending a constant flow of energy coursing through the vastness.'
'Today, the entire world is our next door neighbor. Our news is their news, their news ours.'
'Beautiful sight, isn't it?'
'Looks like they finally got it to turn over.'
'Do I hear six?'
'Isn't that right Herr Schmidt? .. Oh ho, I see Schmidt has no hair!'
'Jelly beans, boogers, and pizza.'

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