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Your late for a very important date
The finale of Epcot
The wildest ride in the wilderness
Easiest way to meet Obama
One little spark of inspiration
The finale of Hollywood Studios
Yeti Xing
'Put on your opera glasses...'
You aint' never had a friend like me
Slight chance of a meteor shower...
The Temple of Shirley
C'mon you love the song!
'Golden Dream'
Hey dudes! Totally awesome!
Made out of steel... not stone
Loggers, and fire, and lots of water oh my!
The finale of Animal Kingdom
What a view of California!
The only place to find Nazis in Disney World
Floor 13 and going down
The finale of the Magic Kingdom
Time to be turnin' around
The fastest attraction in Disney World
It only goes 28 mph! but then again... in the DARK!
Has a 'glorious 3 hour finale'
A look into the legacy that started it all...
Don't see it if you don't like spiders!
Hooray for Hollywood
It's a very blustery day in the Hundred Acre Wood
There's no turning back now...
The oldest ride in Disney World
Beware of trolls
Star Command, come in Star Command
So this is where the big cheese lives
The largest attraction in Disney World
0-60 in 3 seconds? Let's go!
Yo Ho, Yo Ho!
The golf ball
Contians the most complex Audio Animatronic to date

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