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Fourth Campaign-4th Level
Shotgun-tier 2
First Campaign-Finale
Third Campaign-3rd Level
Mandatory horde event. Players are always warned before starting it.
Second Campaign-4th Level
City of third campaign
Second Campaign-2nd Level
'_____ Here!' - Provides 50 temporary health
Fourth Campaign-2nd Level
Second Campaign-3rd Level
The game takes place ______ after the first infection
Game Mode
Sobs. Do not disturb!
Leaps very far
Immobile turret
Grabs with tongue
Store Manager
Thrown item. Attracts infected then explodes
If shot, causes fire
Fourth Campaign-Title
Unique Survival Level
Implemented to prevent continuous melee
Location of bonus campaign
First Campaign-3rd Level
Noise-attracts a mob of infected
Game Mode
Second Campaign-1st Level
Game Mode
Fourth rescue vehicle
Bonus campaign's rescue vehicle
If shot, explodes
Location of fourth campaign
'This is going to hell in a__________ real fast!'
First Campaign Title
Up on the d-pad. Provides light.
Third rescue vehicle
'No zombie is safe from__________!'
Second Campaign-Title
Game Mode
Fourth Campaign-3rd Level
City of first campaign
First Campaign-2nd Level
First Campaign-4th Level
First Campaign-1st Level
College Student
Bonus Campaign-Title
Slang name for a glitched location in which players are safe from infected
Third Campaign-1st Level
Second rescue vehicle
Mob of infected
Monstrous infected
Thrown item. Creates flames
Third Campaign-2nd Level
Heals 80% of damage
Maximum damage of a hunter's pounce
Sniper Rifle
Fourth Campaign-1st Level
Automatic weapon-tier 2
Second Campaign-Finale
If shot, will hiss before exploding
City of second campaign
Third Campaign-Title
Third Campaign-4th Level
Name of the agency that is treating the infection
A glitched spot in which infected can immediately kill a survivor
Method of communication between survivors and rescue
Shotgun-tier 1
Get to the '_________!' Begins and ends most levels.
Bonus Campaign-1st Level
First rescue vehicle
Bonus Campaign-Finale
Fourth Campaign-Finale
Automatic weapon-tier 1
Third Campaign-Finale
War Veteran
'Better safe than_____!'

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