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Second Campaign-Title
Game Mode
Second Campaign-2nd Level
Second Campaign-3rd Level
First Campaign-2nd Level
A glitched spot in which infected can immediately kill a survivor
Second Campaign-Finale
Fourth Campaign-3rd Level
Immobile turret
Game Mode
City of first campaign
'Better safe than_____!'
Up on the d-pad. Provides light.
Fourth Campaign-1st Level
Location of bonus campaign
Sniper Rifle
Fourth Campaign-4th Level
Third Campaign-Title
Game Mode
Second Campaign-1st Level
Third Campaign-Finale
War Veteran
Fourth Campaign-2nd Level
Third Campaign-1st Level
City of second campaign
The game takes place ______ after the first infection
Bonus campaign's rescue vehicle
Unique Survival Level
Third rescue vehicle
Monstrous infected
Sobs. Do not disturb!
Leaps very far
Third Campaign-2nd Level
Slang name for a glitched location in which players are safe from infected
Thrown item. Creates flames
'No zombie is safe from__________!'
'This is going to hell in a__________ real fast!'
If shot, will hiss before exploding
Get to the '_________!' Begins and ends most levels.
If shot, causes fire
Location of fourth campaign
First rescue vehicle
Fourth Campaign-Title
Mandatory horde event. Players are always warned before starting it.
First Campaign-4th Level
Maximum damage of a hunter's pounce
Implemented to prevent continuous melee
Bonus Campaign-Finale
Third Campaign-3rd Level
Heals 80% of damage
Fourth Campaign-Finale
Name of the agency that is treating the infection
Thrown item. Attracts infected then explodes
First Campaign Title
First Campaign-3rd Level
Bonus Campaign-Title
First Campaign-1st Level
Shotgun-tier 2
Grabs with tongue
First Campaign-Finale
Noise-attracts a mob of infected
Second rescue vehicle
City of third campaign
Shotgun-tier 1
Automatic weapon-tier 2
Bonus Campaign-1st Level
Automatic weapon-tier 1
If shot, explodes
Third Campaign-4th Level
College Student
Method of communication between survivors and rescue
Fourth rescue vehicle
Game Mode
'_____ Here!' - Provides 50 temporary health
Second Campaign-4th Level
Mob of infected
Store Manager

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