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Owner of firework and flag company. Went to the North Pole and hasn't been the same since
Self created celebrity, popular among lower and middle class
Father of brown baby. Tries to sue Emerald Isle Company
Mother of brown baby. Lives with the WASP family for some time
Prostitutes herself for money
Has trouble finding himself. Goes through many changes. Has a crush on Evelyn Nesbit for a little
Head of fire company, defaces Coalhouse Walkers Model T
Interested in Harry Houdini, reads about the Wild West, and then becomes interested in Egypt
Takes over business when husband is away and ends up losing her love for him
Sex symbol of the time. Married to Harry K. Thaw and had an affair with Stanford White
Famous journalist and advocate of the poor
Extremely wealthy man interested in Egypt
Well educated, black civil rights leader
District attorney in NY that helps negotiate Coalhouse's evacuation of Morgan's library
Extremely beautiful little girl
Anarchist and social activist
Husband of Evelyn Nesbit, killed Stanford White
Famous psychiatrist with ideas about sex and society in America
Famous architect, had affair with Evelyn Nesbit, killed by her husband

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