Civil Procedure Rules/Statutes

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DescriptionRule/Statute Number
Federal Question Jxn Statute
Production of Documents
Rules Enabling Act Statute
Interrogatories to Parties
Complaints and Answers
Summary Judgment
Removal Procedures Statute
Rules of Decision Act Statute
Consolidation; Separate Trials
Cure or Waiver of Defects Statute
Joinder of Claims
Medical Exams
Selection of Jurors
DescriptionRule/Statute Number
Failure to Disclose/Cooperate in Disclosure: Sanctions
Duty to Disclose; General provisions governing disclosure
Pleading of Special Matters
Relief from Judgment
After Removal Procedures Statute
Amendment of Pleadings
Pretrial Conference, Scheduling, Management
Omnibus Rule
Default Judgment
Requests for Admission
Number of Jurors
Oral Depositions
Form of Pleadings
DescriptionRule/Statute Number
Removal Statute
Diversity Statute
Defenses & Objections: When and How Presented
Supplemental Jxn Statute
Representations to the Court: Sanctions
Counterclaims and Crossclaims
Change of Venue Statute
Venue Statute
Judgment as a Matter of Law (JMOL)
Written Depositions
Offer of Judgment

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