Civil Procedure Rules/Statutes

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DescriptionRule/Statute Number
Representations to the Court: Sanctions
Medical Exams
Cure or Waiver of Defects Statute
Removal Statute
Failure to Disclose/Cooperate in Disclosure: Sanctions
Judgment as a Matter of Law (JMOL)
Summary Judgment
Written Depositions
Venue Statute
Omnibus Rule
Oral Depositions
Default Judgment
Interrogatories to Parties
DescriptionRule/Statute Number
Complaints and Answers
Form of Pleadings
Rules Enabling Act Statute
Production of Documents
Pleading of Special Matters
Consolidation; Separate Trials
Supplemental Jxn Statute
Counterclaims and Crossclaims
Requests for Admission
After Removal Procedures Statute
Rules of Decision Act Statute
Amendment of Pleadings
Defenses & Objections: When and How Presented
DescriptionRule/Statute Number
Pretrial Conference, Scheduling, Management
Diversity Statute
Offer of Judgment
Federal Question Jxn Statute
Relief from Judgment
Joinder of Claims
Number of Jurors
Selection of Jurors
Duty to Disclose; General provisions governing disclosure
Removal Procedures Statute
Change of Venue Statute

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