Muppet Alphabet Album

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Can you name the songs on the Muppet Alphabet Album?

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LetterSong TitlePerformer(s)
ABig Bird
CCookie Monster
EGuy Smiley and Prairie Dawn
FGrover, Herry Monster, Cookie Monster, Oscar
GGrover and George
HHarvey Kneeslapper, Herry Monster, Big Bird
JThe Anything Muppets
KHerbert Birdsfoot
LBert and Ernie
MHerry Monster and Cookie Monster
LetterSong TitlePerformer(s)
NBig Bird and Oscar
OLefty the Salesman and Ernie
PThe Anything Muppets
QGrover and a Little Girl
RErnie and Bert
THerbert Birdsfoot and the Anything Muppets
UProfessor Hastings
VBig Bird
XSherlock Hemlock
YGrover and a Little Girl
ZThe Anything Muppets

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