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Ship TypeClassificationClass(es) in Service/Future
Nuclear Powered Aircraft CarrierEnterprise/Nimitz/Gerald R. Ford
Guided Missile CruiserTiconderoga
Guided Missile DestroyerArleigh Burke/Zumwalt
Guided Missile FrigateOliver Hazard Perry
Nuclear Powered Guided Missile SubmarineOhio
Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile SubmarineOhio
Nuclear Powered Fast Attack SubmarineLos Angeles/Seawolf/Virginia
Coastal Patrol BoatCyclone
Mine Countermeasures ShipAvenger
Amphibious Helicopter Assault ShipTarawa/America
Amphibious Assault ShipWasp
Amphibious Transport DockAustin/San Antonio
Dock Landing ShipWhidbey Island/Harpers' Ferry
Littoral Combat ShipFreedom/Independence
Amphibious Command ShipBlue Ridge
Maritime Prepositioning Ship2nd Lt. John P. Bobo/Sgt. Matej Kocak
Cargo Ship1st Lt. Harry L. Martin/Gysgt. Fred W. Stockham/Sgt. Matej Kocak/2nd Lt. John P. Bobo/Cpl. Louis J. Hauge, Jr./Cape Flattery/Cape Gibson/Cape Girardeau/Cape Jacob/Lance Cpl. Roy M. Wheat
Ocean Surveillance ShipVictorious/Impeccable
Large Harbor TugboatNatick
Fleet Ocean TugboatPowhatan
Dry Cargo Ammunition ShipLewis And Clark
Floating Dry-dockArco/Shippingport
Ship TypeClassificationClass(es) in Service/Future
Fast Combat Support ShipSupply
Torpedo Trials CraftCape Flattery
Vehicle Roll On/Roll Off Cargo ShipBob Hope/Shughart/Watson/Algol/Cape Ducato/Cape Edmont/Cape Henry/Cape Horn/Cape Hudson/Cape Inscription/Cape Island/Cape Isabel/Cape Kennedy/Cape Knox/Cape May/GTS Admiral W. M. Callaghan/Cape Mohican/Cape Orlando/Cape Ray/Cape Rise/Cape Race/Cape Taylor/Cape Texas/Cape Trinity/Cape Victory/Cape Vincent/Cape Washington/Cape Wrath
Replenishment OilerHenry J. Kaiser
Survey ShipPathfinder/Waters
Hospital ShipMercy
Container ShipCapt. Steven L. Bennett/LTC Calvin P. Titus/SSG Edward A. Carter, Jr.
Ammunition ShipKilauea
Salvage ShipSafeguard
Transport OilerGus W. Darnell/Potomac
Barracks CraftMercer/Nueces
Unclassified Miscellaneous VesselNeodesha/Prevail
Missile Instrumentation ShipObservation Island/Howard O. Lorenzen/Invincible
Self Defense Test ShipPaul F. Foster
Fast Sea FrameSea Fighter
Cable Repair ShipZeus
Crane ShipGopher State/Keystone State
Aviation Support ShipWright
Joint High Speed VesselSpearhead
High Speed VesselSwift/Westpac Express
Submarine TenderEmory S. Land
Mobile Landing PlatformNot Yet Built

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