Midway Navy Classifications

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Type of ShipClassificationAmerican Classification
Remote Controlled Submarine
Rescue Submersible
Crane Ship
Recompression Rescue Submersible
Cable Repair Ship
Dry Dock
Littoral Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Carrier
Salvage Ship
Ballistic Missile Submarine
Guided Missile Submarine
Electricity Submarine
Fire Submarine
Ocean Surveillance Ship
Survey Ship
Barracks Craft
Amphibious Transport Dock
Dock Landing Ship
Type of ShipClassificationAmerican Classification
Submarine Tender
Destroyer Tender
Amphibious Command Ship
Littoral Combat Ship
Cargo Ship
Vehicle Cargo Roll on/Roll off Ship
Dry Cargo Ammunition Ship
Transport Oiler
Guided Missile Experimentation Ship
Ocean Going Fleet Tugboat
Joint High Speed Vehicle
Fast Combat Support Ship
Self Defense Weapons Test Ship
Landing Craft Air Cushion
Unit Landing Craft
Medium Landing Craft
Torpedo Trials Ship
Training Submarine
Training Aircraft Carrier
Training Surface and Littoral Ship

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