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Houari Boumédiènne (June 19, 1965 to December 10, 1976)President of the Revolutionary Council
Baudouin (17 July 1951-31 July 1993)King
Walter Scheel (1 July 1974-30 June 1979)President
Nicolau dos Reis Lobat (7 December 1975-31 December 1978)President
Pál Losonczi (13 April 1967-25 June 1987)President
Souphanouvong (2 December 1975-15 August 1991)President
Sir Raman Osman (27 December 1972–31 October 1977)Governor-General
Samora Moisés Machel (25 June 1975-19 October 1986)President
Ernesto Geisel (15 March 1974-15 March 1979)President
Luis Echeverría (1 December 1970-30 November 1976)President
Olav V (September 21, 1957-January 17, 1991)King
Sergej Kraigher (May 1974-May 1979)President
Joan Martí Alanis (1971–2003)Co-Prince
Ephraim Katzir (24 May 1973-29 May 1978)President
Gerald Ford (July 14, 1913-January 20, 1977)President

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