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Themed After An Armadillo. Featured In Season Two
An Orangish Themed Dinosaur Featured In The First Season
Represents the Apocalypse and the Last Antagonist Of The First Season
A Computer Responsible For Making Digimon Berserk and The Main Villain in Digimon Tamers.
Small, Green, And White. Also Says Momenti.
Themed After A Lion With Massive Muscles.
Red Dinosaur with a Childish and Friendly Attitude
Themed After A Cat. Featured In Season One And Two
Themed After A Ladybug. Featured In Season One
Starts out looking like a lizard With a Horn. All His Digivolutions Are Themed After A Wolf
Themed After A Harp Seal. Featured In Season One
Themed After A Caterpillar. Featured In Season Two
Looks Like A Monkey With Sunglasses.
Blue Lizard Like Creature. Featured In Season Two
Themed After A Pink Bird. Featured In Season One
Looks Like A White And Purple Jet And One Of The Main Villians In Season Two
Its Digivolution Is A Giant Cactus With Boxing Gloves
Themed After A Fox And Featured In Digimon Tamers
Looks Likes A Gerbil With Wings For Ears
Themed After A Hawk. Featured In Season Two

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