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tamer and levelnameother info
tai baby
tai in-training
tai rookie
tai champion
tai ultimate
tai mega
tai/matt dna
matt baby
matt in-training
matt rookie
matt champion
matt ultimate
matt mega
sora baby
sora in-training
sora rookie
sora champion
sora ultimate
sora mega
izzy baby
izzy in-training
izzy rookie
izzy champion
izzy ultimate
izzy mega
mimi baby
mimi in-training
mimi rookie
mimi champion
mimi ultimate
mimi mega
joe baby
joe in-training
joe rookie
tamer and levelnameother info
joe champion
joe ultimate
joe mega
TK baby
TK in-training
TK rookie
TK champion
TK ultimate
TK mega
TK armour
kari baby
kari in-training
kari rookie
kari champion
kari ultimate
kari mega
kari armour
davis baby
davis in-training
davis rookie
davis champion
davis ultimatealso veemon/wormmon DNA
davis mega
davis armourDE of courage
davis armourDE of friendship
davis armourDE of miracles
yolei baby
yolei in-training
yolei rookie
yolei champion
yolei ultimatealso hawkmon/gatomon DNA
yolei mega
yolei armourDE of love
yolei armourDE of sincerity
tamer and levelnameother info
cody baby
cody in-training
cody rookie
cody champion
cody ultimatealso armadillomon/patamon DNA
cody mega
cody armourDE of reliability
cody armourDE of knowledge
ken baby
ken in-training
ken rookie
ken champion
ken ultimate
ken mega
takato baby
takato in-training
takato rookie
takato champion
takato ultimate
takato mega
rika baby
rika in-training
rika rookie
rika champion
rika ultimate
rika mega
henry baby
henry in-training
henry rookie
henry champion
henry ultimate
henry mega

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