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Charlie AndresWaitress with a super memory
Meredith GordonClaire's biological mother
Daniel LindermanHealing Vegas businessman
Kaito NakamuraHiro's father
Claude RainsThe Invisible Man
Candice WilmerManipulates her body and her surroundings
West RosenFlying boy
Daphne MillbrookEnhanced speed
Nana DawsonMicah's great aunt
Audrey HansonFBI agent
Brody MitchumThe Quarterback
ZackClaires classmate
Debbie MarshallCosta Verde cheerleader
Gretchen BergArlington university student
Elle BishopGenerates and manipulates electricity
Rachel MillsTeleporter
Mr ZernScience teacher
WillIrish Mobster
Flint Gordon JnrMeredith's firestarting brother
Adam MonroeRapid cell regenerator and Takezo Kensei
Amanda Strazzulla.Carnival dweller who can mentally exploded things
Hana GitelmanWorks for The Company
AprilCosta Verde cheerleader
ThompsonBennett's superior at The Company
Captain LubbockFinds a staggering Sylar
HopeVegas showgirl
SamWorks in the comic book store
SimoneArt dealer and Peters love interest
Sandra BennettNoah's wife and Claire's adoptive mother
MonicaWaitress with incredible muscle memory

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