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Can you name the Lyrics to the Portal 2 credit song, want you gone?

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LyricsMissing lyricsNumber of words
Well here __________(3)
It's always _________(3)
Remember when _________(6)
Oh how ________(4)
Except ________(3)
Under the circumstances ________(4)
You want your freedom? ________(2)
That's what ________(3)
I used to ________(3)
But now ________(5)
She was ________(4)
(Maybe ________)(4)
Now little ________(5)
One day ________(4)
So I could ________(2)
It's such a shame ________(7)
LyricsMissing lyricsNumber of words
You've got ________(5)
That's what ________(3)
I'll let you ________(4)
Now I ________(4)
Goodbye ________(3)
Oh, ________(6)
That would be ________(6)
Well you have ________(2)
I don't need ________(2)
When I delete ________(7)
Go make ________(3)
That's what ________(3)
You're someone ________(2)
Now I ________(4)
Now I ________(4)
Now I ________(4)

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