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In the history of boxing, how may men have been knocked out within the first 11 seconds of the first round?
What race commemorates a 1925 emergency operation that doctors needed to get medical supplies to Nome, Alaska following the diphtheria epidemic?
How much did Babe Ruth pay a fan who caught his 700th career home run?
What sport has 2-4 athletes die each year while on the job?
Wht was the only country in the World Cup history that all their players' last names ended in 'OV'
Who are the only two countries since the start of the modern Olympics in 1896 to participate every year?
Who holds the record for the fastest tennis serve?
How many footballs must the home team provide the referee every game?
Who is the silhouette figure on the MLB logo?
What is used both as the center of golf balls and in anti-freeze mixtures?
How any days every year are no games played amoung the 4 major sports?
How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball?
What city's major sports share the exact same colors?
What did babe Ruth wear under his cap to keep him cool?
What is the offical sport of Maryland?
What city has the world's largest bowling alley?
What is the average lifespan (bounces) of a regulation Spaulding Basketball?

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