Top Grossing Movies By MPAA Rating

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Can you name the all-time top grossing movies by each MPAA rating?

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2010/Tom Hanks* 
2003/Ellen DeGeneres* 
1994/James Earl Jones* 
2001/John Goodman* 
1999/Tom Hanks* 
2006/Owen Wilson* 
2008/Jeff Garlin* 
1992/Robin Williams* 
2007/Patton Oswalt* 
1939/Clark Gable 
1977/Mark Hamill 
2004/Mike Myers* 
1982/Henry Thomas 
1999/Liam Neeson 
2010/Johnny Depp 
2007/Mike Myers* 
2001/Daniel Radcliffe 
2002/Hayden Christensen 
1983/Mark Hamill 
2009/Daniel Radcliffe 
2009/Sam Worthington 
1997/Leonardo DiCaprio 
2008/Christian Bale 
2006/Johnny Depp 
2002/Tobey Maguire 
2009/Shia LaBeouf 
2005/Hayden Christensen 
2003/Elijah Wood 
2004/Tobey Maguire 
1993/Sam Neill 
2004/Jim Caviezel 
2003/Keanu Reeves 
2009/Bradley Cooper 
1984/Eddie Murphy 
1973/Ellen Burstyn 
1998/Tom Hanks 
2007/Gerard Butler 
2005/Vince Vaughn 
1991/Arnold Schwarzenegger 
2000/Russell Crowe 

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