Cardiorespiratory clinical skills and physiology

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This is the definition of what? The pressure exerted by a gas if it alone occupied the space
The two heart sounds are caused by the collison of closing valve leaflets
The dicrotic notch in the arterial pressure waveform corresponds to the second heart sound
The mitral valve normally has two leaflets
The x-descent follows the a-wave
The inferior border of the spleen is positioned just inferior to the left intercostal margin
The internal inguinal ring is lateral to the external inguinal ring
The first heart sound is associated with mitral valve closure
A stethoscope has two chest pieces, a bell and a diaphragm. The bell is used to detect high frequency sounds
The blood pressure in the left arm will normally be a little higher than in the right
The JVP is another abbreviation for the CVP
If a patient becomes anaemic their oxygen saturation will fall
A sphygmomanometer cuff that is too small will overestimate the blood pressure
This is the definition of what? The number of binding sites of haemoglobin that are occupied by oxygen, out of a total of 4
The c-wave is associated with tricuspid valve closure
The pulmonary valve closes just after the aortic valve
The mitral valve closes after the tricuspid valve
A hole in the ventricular septum will cause blood to flow from right to left ventricle during systole
Narrowing of the aortic valve will cause turbulent flow across the valve during diastole
What is the normal value for JVP height?
There are four heart valves; the aortic opens when the other three close
The first heart sound is made up of mitral and aortic components
What is the normal value for maximal left ventricular pressure?
The R wave of the ECG follows atrial depolarisation
Peripheral cyanosis can occur with a normal oxygen saturation
StatementTrue or false
Decreasing ventilation will cause paCO2 to rise
The carotid artery is on the medial side to the internal jugular vein
The aortic valve normally has two leaflets
The posterior tibial artery is on the lateral side of the ankle
The mitral valve opens at the beginning of systole
Systole is normally longer than diastole
Tricuspid stenosis will increase the a-wave pressure more than mitral regurgitation
What is a normal value for arterial PaO2
The P wave of the ECG corresponds to the first heart sound
What is the normal value for minimal left ventricular pressure?
What is a normal value for arterial PaCO2?
The aorta bifurcates at the level of the umbilicus
The cricoid cartilage is just above the thyroid cartilage
What is the normal value for arterial blood pressure, systolic?
With the patient lying flat, the systolic pressure measured in the arm will be greater than that measured in the ankle
The right kidney is normally lower than the left
There are four groups of lymph nodes in the axilla
The second heart sound is often split into two audible components
Mitral valve closure occurs just before a palpable radial pulse
The tricuspid valve closes before the pulmonary valve
What is the normal lower value for pH?
What is the normal upper value for pH?
A normal paO2 implies the absence of tissue hypoxia
The third heart sound reflects the filling of a non-compliant ventricle

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