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Currently the Cricket World Cup Champions
Inventors of 'Total Football'
Host country
First African Country to advance to the final eight
Their home stadium is known as Abuja Stadium
Tried to fool FIFA by listing an attacker as a goalkeeper in its final roster
Current FIFA #2
Reigning World Cup Champion
They won UEFA Qualifying Group 3 to qualify
The only Asian country to advance to the Semi-finals
Country that was banned from the 1990 and 1994 World Cups
The current coach is Carlos Queiroz
This country is in their first World Cup since their lone appearance in 1982
Where football was invented
Hosted the 1954 World Cup
Their FIFA Code is 'CIV'
This teams current FIFA World Ranking is 15 (5/26/2010)
This is the only non-European country to host the World Cup twice
Country involved in 'The Football War' of 1969
Defeated Russia in a playoff turn earn their 2010 World Cup spot
This country has been in every World Cup since their first appearance in 1998
Last Host Country to win
Winners of the first World Cup in 1930
Last team to beat the current FIFA #2
Carlos Gamarra is this country's most capped player
The only African Country to advance to the second round of the 2006 World Cup
Most runner-up finishes
Winners of the 2004 European Cup
Known as the 'Desert Foxes'
Winners of the 1992 European Championship
Runner-up in the first World Cup
Holder of the most World Cup Titles

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