Metal Gear Solid A-Z 2

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Letter: HintAnswerReferenced In
A: President is Kenneth BakerMGS1
B: Weapon used for distractionMGS2
C: Jams electronic devisesMGS1
D: Chief is Donald AndersonMGS1
E: Otacon's sisterMGS2
F: Stereotypical mad bomber (According to Vamp)MGS2
G: Sergei and OlgaMGS2
H: Helicopter shot down by Solid SnakeMGS1
I: GekkoMGS4
J: Gray Fox's last nameMGS1
K: Russian force opposing GRUMGS3
L: The Philosophers' cache was refered to as their thisMGS3
M: Liquid Snake disguised himself as this personMGS1
Letter: HintAnswerReferenced In
N: The name of the ship that the Mission Briefings are held onMGS4
O: Old Snake's sneaking suitMGS4
P: Hornet Stripe can be acquired from this personMGS3
Q: Vamp calls Fortune thisMGS2
R: B & B fought in Eastern EuropeMGS4
S: Cooks eggsMGS4
T: EVA's other name(s)MGS3
U: Can get Drebin Points for destrying theseMGS4
V: A food item that Johnny gives Naked Snake in the prison cellMGS3
W: Thrown weapon that causes fireMGS3
X: 25mm grenade launcherMGS4
Y: Colonel Volgin's first nameMGS3
Z: Side of Cardboard Box 5 says this (It is an Easter Egg)MGS2

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