Deaths in The Godfather (Movie)

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Can you name the people who die in the film 'The Godfather'?

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How he diedCharacter
Shot by Rocco Lampone, who Clemenza advised to 'leave the gun, take the cannoli'
Killed by a car bomb which was planted by Fabrizio
Heart attack while playing with his grandson
Shot while in bed with a prostitute by Rocco Lampone and another assassin
Shot in the eye by an unknown assassin
Shot in a restaurant by Michael Corleone
Shot, along with his bodyguard and driver, by Al Neri
Trapped in a revolving door and shot by Wiili Cicci
How he diedCharacter
Taken away by Willi Cicci and other Corleone associates - method of death unknown
Garotted by Clemenza in the car
Gunned down at a toll booth
Garotted while being held down by the Turk and Bruno Tattaglia
Assassinated at Sonny's orders in response to an attempt on Vito Corleone's life
Shot in an elevator by Clemenza

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