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Can you name the different people who manage teams in the RIP based on these descriptions?

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AttributesNameTeam Name
2009 RIP rookie, waiver wire steal of Ricky Williams, lost 3 times to one team
Swindled of Drew Brees in 2008 and still trying to recover, two sub .500 seasons in RIP 2
Often attacked in unison by Trueman and Stevens, not in leagues in 2009
aka the Franchise, responsible for pussytard entering the vernacular, loves the all caps key, burned by Turner, 2005 RIP champ after trade for LJ, the straw that stirs the drink in
2009 RIP 2 champ, 2 straight playoff appearances, Randy Moss roster staple, never had Brady on roster oddly enough
last place in regular season of the RIP, swindled by Russ, 3-11 record
RIP 2 rookie in 2009, has seen his opinion of Michael Turner plummet in one season, victim of Trechok 'just business' comment in week 1
Trader, a pete, perenially slow starter who deals way into playoff contention, both leagues, franchise has more money problems than the Montreal Expos
RIP 2, G-men, doesn't mind running backs that fumble a lot
mistimed the Ced Ben revolution, no playoff appearances, has expressed a desire to have intercourse in a mean way with fantasy football
AttributesNameTeam Name
not in league in 2009, unhealthy obsession with Tom Brady and Randy Moss hookup in big RIP
The Goodell, 1 title, member of both leagues, Reggie Bush
Fan of busting Trechok's chops with Brady hate, tiebreakers, 2009 RIP2 Toilet Bowl champ
consigliere to Eli, drafted A Pete in the second round in rookie season, mastermind of Peyton Manning with the 8th pick in this year's RIP draft
Playoff team in RIP 2007, nonpartcipant in 2009 along with younger brother, has bad luck in bets with Gurtner
Cheesehead, drafted Peyton Manning over Aaron Rodgers in RIP 2
The architect of the RIP leagues, Steve Slaton
hall monitor, muted unless his team is winning, 3 titles in the past 2 seasons, delusionally thinks the Dolphins are better than the Patriots, Ronnie Brown, likes Tight ends
RIP Pussytard 2009 champ, bee venom, best job of incorporating last name into team name
2006 RIP champ, hates Larry Johnson, likes LT circa 2006-2007, once dealt Hines Ward for Jeff Reed

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