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important eventepisode nameseason
Tony has plague
Ziva, Mcgee, and Tony are taken hostage by a terrorist in Somalia
They investigate Kates murder and Ari Hasswari is killed
The team travels to Gibbs' home town and they meat Gibs' father
Ziva quits Mossad, and wants to be a Special Agent at NCIS
Gibbs is in a ship and a suicide bomber in the same room sets off a bomb and Gibbs is severly hurt with memory loss
Tony's cover is blown and 'Tony is killed' in a car bomb
The team goes to Israel to speak with Eli David and in the end the team leaves without Ziva
important eventepisode nameseason
Agent Lee dies
Kate dies
Gerald, Ducky, and Kate are taken hostage in autopsy
Gibbs and Mcgee go to LA to work a case with the undercover division of NCIS in LA
Cassidy's team is killed in a terrorist attack when it was Gibbs' team's turn and at the end paula is killed saving everyone else in the room
The director is killed by men who arrive in an SUV and the new director splits up the team and makes gibbs a new one
Ziva follows a motorcycle with two terrorists on it and Ziva is a prime supect and she has to prove herself inoccent with the help of Gibbs

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