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Jaaaaaay BOUSMAN!
how people think the world works and what they believe their role in the world should be
what one believes about what is right and what is wrong in our behavior toward the environment
worldview held by many people
assumes that we have an ethical responsibility to be caring and responsible managers of the earth
according to this, we are within and part of the community of life
environmental leaders say it is time for another sort of 'global transformation' which also means this
Janine M. Benyus and other scientists have been pioneering a new science known as this
also known as earth centered, focusing on individual species
Jaaaaaay BOUSMAN!
variation of planetary management worldview that believes we can solve any environmental, population, or resource problem
variation of planetary management worldview that believes the best way to manage the planet is through free market
variation of planetary management worldview that believes earth is like a spaceship, a complex machine that we can understand
means we are interconnected and interdependent
earth focused philosophers say that to be rooted, each of us need to find this
use these three to mimic the ways in which nature sustains itself
affluent people in more developed countries are adopting this lifestyle
limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities

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