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What is the name of Frieza's father?
Goku and Vegeta use the Fusion Technique to become who?
Who was the first person Goku fought at Super Saiyon 3?
True or False: Yamcha was a bandit when he met Goku for the first time
True or False: Garlic Jr. is immortal?
After Dende becomes Guardian, how many wishes can Shenron grant?
Goku learned the Spirit Bomb technique from who?
Who is Kami's assistant?
What is the name of the cloud that Goku rode as a child and young adult?
Who originally gave Trunks his sword?
Who does Gohan marry?
Who took Kami's place as guardian of the Earth?
Who was the first person to kill Future Trunks?
True or False: Master Roshi has never died
Who was the first person to merge with Piccolo?
Piccolo was killed by saving who?
True or False: Vegeta destroyed every member of the Ginyu Force
What is the name of the Earth Dragon?
How many times has Vegeta been killed?
Who was Krillin's first girlfriend?
True or False: Android 16 was destroyed by Vegeta?
What is the name of Gohan's first child?
Who is older: Trunks or Goten
What is the name of Gohan's superhero identity?
Who was Bulma's first boyfriend?

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